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Children's Justice Project Data Reports

Pursuant to W..S. 14-3-424, abuse and neglect proceedings in Wyoming are confidential and the information that can be shared out of these cases is very limited.

The Children's Justice Project complies various data from abuse and neglect court proceedings in Wyoming with the gracious assistance of the Clerks of District Courts in the counties throughout Wyoming, without whom data could not be collected.  This is done utilizing case management systems offered by the Wyoming Supreme Court to the counties and review of physical files.  Each individual county determines to what extent they will utilize the case management system and is responsible for entering data into the system.  Because of this, the majority of data regarding abuse and neglect cannot be instantaneously retrieved and must be "mined" from individual cases.

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Caring Child

CJP conducts an annual audit of abuse and neglect cases to examine timeliness, time to permanency, and reunification rates.  Click above to retrieve the latest case closure report.

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Further Information Coming Soon

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